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Community or Private Event

Cost: $0.00 |  180 Minutes

Nick is either out in the community or hosting a private event at this time.

FREE Health Screening

Cost: $0.00 |  120 Minutes

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to your health.

FREE Kids' Snack Class

Cost: $0.00 |  60 Minutes

Bring your children to ShopRite for a FREE hands on snack class! Must register*

Meals Made Well Demo

Cost: $0.00 |  120 Minutes

Stumped on what to cook for dinner this week? Nick has the answer.

Nick is Out of Store

Cost: $0.00 |  480 Minutes

Nick is out of the store today, please call or stop by his office at another date.

Nick's Healthy Holidays

Cost: $0.00 |  120 Minutes

Visit Nick to sample some of his favorite better-for-you holiday staples.

Nick's Produce Pick

Cost: $0.00 |  120 Minutes

Stop by the Dietitian's office to try our featured produce pick.

Nick's Walking Club

Cost: $0.00 |  60 Minutes

Join Nick and his weekly walking club for a 1 mile walk inside the ShopRite of Lyndhurst!

One Dish Wonder

Cost: $0.00 |  120 Minutes

Stir up something tasty with healthy foods and simple one-pot recipes!

Personal Dietitian Consultation

Cost: $0.00 |  60 Minutes

Everybody's nutrition journey is unique. Start your road to a healthier life with a one-one-one counseling session with your in-store dietitian.