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Chilton New Vitality Presentation

Cost: $5.00 |  60 Minutes

Join Tara for a presentation on how Sticking to a healthy diet can help maintain your immune system to better protect you against winter illnesses. Learn how certain nutrients build immunity, how the GI tract impacts immunity and how to boost it and what you can do to fend off illness during the winter months. Tasting and recipes included.

Dumplings Around the World

Cost: $20.00 |  120 Minutes

Nearly every culture has its own twist on traditional dumplings. Explore the world of dumplings in this workshop that features authentic flavors from across the globe.

Leprechaun Spread

Cost: $20.00 |  120 Minutes

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with food that fits the part!

Personal Dietitian Consultation

Cost: $0.00 |  60 Minutes

Everybody's nutrition journey is unique. Start your road to a healthier life with a one-one-one counseling session with your in-store dietitian.

Picky Eating Class

Cost: $0.00 |  60 Minutes

Have a picky eater at home? Join our class for advice, tips and support. Learn strategies for dealing with picky eaters and leave more confident in your feeding plan.

Ringwood Heart Health Event

Cost: $0.00 |  120 Minutes

Join Tara at the Ringwood Public Library for health screenings and lots of heart health info!

ShopRite Student Shopper Program

Cost: $0.00 |  120 Minutes

ShopRite of Oakland and Tara will be hosting our Franklin Lakes 3rd graders in their annual trip to the store.

Well Everyday Demo and Sampling

Cost: $0.00 |  180 Minutes

Join Tara to learn about new products and recipes that pair with our current Well Everyday theme.