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Adult Culinary Workshop: Restaurant Favorites

Cost: $20.00 |  120 Minutes

Learn how to make restaurant-quality meals at home.

Ask the RD

Cost: $0.00 |  360 Minutes

Have nutrition-related questions? Stop in and ask the RD!

Breakfast on the Go

Cost: $0.00 |  120 Minutes

Try a healthy grab-and-go breakfast idea!

Community Event

Cost: $0.00 |  150 Minutes

Get in touch with your dietitian to set up an event with your organization.

Cook Once, Eat Twice

Cost: $0.00 |  120 Minutes

Save on prep time by re-purposing leftovers to a new meal!

Dietitian's Dish: Boost Your Breakfast

Cost: $0.00 |  120 Minutes

Start your day with a balanced, energizing meal! Visit the Dietitian's Nook to try a sample of a delicious breakfast recipe and pick up tips on how to boost your breakfast!

Dietitian's Dish: Dinner Favorites

Cost: $0.00 |  120 Minutes

Stop by to taste one of your in-store dietitian's favorite dinner dishes and pick up a Dietitian's Dish recipe book for mealtime inspiration!

Dietitian's Dish: Favorite Salmon Recipes

Cost: $0.00 |  120 Minutes

Get your Omega-3s! Try a heart-healthy salmon dish at the Dietitian's Nook, and learn more about simple ways to add more seafood to your diet!

Dietitian's Dish: Snacks

Cost: $0.00 |  120 Minutes

Looking to satisfy that mid-afternoon craving? Stop by to try one of your in-store dietitian's favorite snack recipes! Samples and recipes will be provided.

Easter Brunch

Cost: $0.00 |  120 Minutes

Need an Easter recipe idea? Stop in to try a delicious brunch recipe!

Happy Birthday Well Everyday

Cost: $0.00 |  120 Minutes

Taste a healthy twist to your favorite birthday party foods!

Kids Cooking Class: Color Your Palate

Cost: $20.00 |  120 Minutes

It’s easy to get junior chefs excited about cauliflower when it’s disguised as pizza! Help your kids learn how to prepare some of their favorite dishes.

Kids Culinary Workshop: Taco Tuesday

Cost: $20.00 |  120 Minutes

It's Taco Tuesday! Kids will make 3 taco recipes they'll love!

Lunch on the Go

Cost: $0.00 |  120 Minutes

Stop in to try a portable lunch you'll love.

Meals Made Well: Meal of the Week

Cost: $0.00 |  120 Minutes

Pick up a recipe and ingredients to make a delicious meal!

National Hummus Day

Cost: $0.00 |  120 Minutes

Dip into a delicious new hummus flavor!

Out of Store

Cost: $0.00 |  480 Minutes

The dietitian is out of the store today.

Produce Pick

Cost: $0.00 |  120 Minutes

Learn how to mix this week’s produce pick into a delicious dish.

Snacks on the Go

Cost: $0.00 |  120 Minutes

Sample a snack you can stash in your bag!