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Community Program

Cost: $0.00 |  180 Minutes

Call Julianne to plan a community event for your group at 201-250-5042!

Dietitian Out of Store 1/2 day

Cost: $0.00 |  240 Minutes

Julianne is working out of the store part of today.

Dietitian Out of Store.

Cost: $0.00 |  480 Minutes

Julianne is working out of the store today. Call,e-mail or stop by her next day in-store.

Flu-Shot Clinic

Cost: $0.00 |  240 Minutes

Flu shot clinic! Sample flu-fighting foods & get a flu shot from Pharmacy!

FREE Holiday Kids Snack Class

Cost: $0.00 |  60 Minutes

Join Julianne for a FREE Holiday-Inspired Kids Snack Class!

Healthy Holiday Traditions

Cost: $0.00 |  120 Minutes

Julianne will be creating lighter recipes to give holiday cheer without extra calories!

Holiday Baking

Cost: $0.00 |  120 Minutes

Test some lighter baking recipes & keep your health on track through the holidays!

Meals Made Well Recipe Demo.

Cost: $0.00 |  120 Minutes

Our Meals Made Well Cart makes meal planning a breeze! Try this week's recipe!

New Year Entertaining

Cost: $0.00 |  120 Minutes

Bring in the New Year with good health & delicious food! Taste samples today!

Personal Dietitian Consultation.

Cost: $0.00 |  60 Minutes

Start your road to a healthier life with a session with your in-store dietitian.

Private Group Event

Cost: $0.00 |  180 Minutes

Julianne is working with a group for a private event today. To learn more about scheduling private group events, contact Julianne.

Produce Pick.

Cost: $0.00 |  120 Minutes

Julianne will be sampling this week’s Produce Pick with recipes & nutrition information!