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Community event- Dietitian out of store

Cost: $0.00 |  120 Minutes

Kayla is presenting about nutrition out in your community today! Contact Kayla to set up an event with your organization.

Dietitian is out of the office

Cost: $0.00 |  480 Minutes

Kayla will be out of the store today. Please call, email, or text Kayla to schedule your nutrition assessment.

Dietitian Office Hours

Cost: $0.00 |  450 Minutes

Call or stop by and see Kayla to schedule your FREE nutrition assessment or to shop with the Dietitian.

Holiday Party Kid-Style

Cost: $20.00 |  120 Minutes

These custom holiday foods are perfect for kids and adults! In this workshop, the junior chefs will give potato pancakes a colorful makeover, create a healthier version of Swedish meatballs, and add bananas to Christmas pancakes for a sweet holiday spread!

In-Store Diabetes Support Group

Cost: $0.00 |  60 Minutes

Are you affected by pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes? Contact Kayla today reserve your spot at the support group.

Well Everday Balanced Plate Demo

Cost: $0.00 |  120 Minutes

Kayla will be sampling out better for you products and recipes to help you fuel up using well balanced and nutritious foods!

Well Everyday- Healthy Holiday Demo

Cost: $0.00 |  120 Minutes

From baking swaps, to creating better for you family favorites, let the celebrating begin when you stop by this healthy holiday event!

Well Everyday- Produce Pick

Cost: $0.00 |  120 Minutes

Stop by the Dietitian’s office, taste some seasonal produce, and pick up a recipe!